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Resume key skills

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Resume key skills

Tip odds in your favor by highlighting your Resume key skills

The skills section in a resume is very important as it allows you to re-iterate, list and expand your abilities and skills relevant to the job you wish to apply. A rightly- crafted section has resume key skills means it boosts your resume. Thus never miss this opportunity to highlight your powerful skills that can tip odds in your support.

Skills Section

Skills section is the place where you can list your abilities useful to the position, but ensure it is not overtly mentioned. A few samples are:

  • Customer Service Skills Section

  • Laborer Resume Skills Section

  • Customer Service Resume Skills Section

These are to the point and brief. Yet, there is a wrong and right way to writing them.

The Right way

Always include a cover letter. Here are few tips to include your additional skills as resume key skills. A hiring manager is very keen in knowing the relevant skills you possess. For instance:

  • IT Industry job seeker must avoid writing: Leader of 70 member company for 3 years.

Instead it should be as: Maintained for 3 years a VoIP self-hosted chat server.

This shows you are a legitimate tech savvy and attracts the hiring managerís eye. Keep your skills aimed towards the applying job. In case, you possess a knack not related directly to this position, if you consider it worth mentioning, do not miss it.

For instance, in case at a small music shop there is an assistant managerís position, you can mention here you know to play guitar. This shows you have industry knowledge, though it has no relation to management position.

Quantifying is important. But remember, never say you are excellent with languages, instead say you are fluent in Spanish and English, proficient in French. Do not mention as skilled typist, instead quantify it as 70 wpm typist.


Organize in bullets for instance keep the computer language skills and your language speaking skills different. Do not mix them. Keep it as:

  • Proficient with Excel, MS Word and Power Point

  • Experienced graphic artist with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

  • Confident and Charismatic public speaker

  • Bilingual : Fluent in French and English

Also, remember to group skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for. Just do not choose a readymade template resume. Regardless of the job position, keep your resume key skills section clear, relevant with bullet points well organized that you will surely impress.

Best List of Skills

The HR managers look for proof and that is the bottom line. Here is a list of skills that are good to add in your resume as resume key skills:

  • Actively learn and seek new information to stay up to date with technological inventions

  • Approach work activities with focus to ascertain each task is correctly completed, effectively and efficiently.

  • Remain focused in achieving multi-tasking ability and complete simultaneously several tasks to desired targets.

  • Applauded by peers for working hard, displaying good attitude and also for achieving personal goals.


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