emailing cover letter should that be an attachment

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emailing cover letter should that be an attachment

When emailing cover letter should that be an attachment

Cover letter is a single page document attached with your resume that provides professional information about you. Sending email cover letter is different from sending hard copy as a job application. You need to follow the format and instructions given by the company for sending resume and cover letter. It explains how you are suitable for the required job position and how you can help in the growth and development of the company. When emailing cover letter should that be an attachment in the form of pdf. Emailing cover letter is much easier but that doesn’t mean that you write anything. It should follow the format and should be well- written.

Tips for emailing cover letter

Ø  As attachments-when emailing cover letter that should be an attachment then attach the document as a word or pdf file. It is important for you to save it with your name so that it will be easy for the reader. Don’t put on numeric digits but just your name and cover letter. For example- taylorcoverletter.doc

Ø  Not as attachments- sometimes, it is asked by the company to send your resume and cover letter as plain text and not as an attachment. You simply need to copy your cover letter and paste it in the message box of email. While sending cover letter or  resume, use simple font.

Ø  Addressing an email cover letter- while emailing your cover letter to the company, make sure to enter the desired job position you want to apply for in the subject section. It becomes easier for the reader to know as to which job position you want even before going through your cover letter or resume. Also, put down your signature, contact number, email address, address etc. so that the hiring manager could easily contact you.

Ø  Proof- read- Before clicking the send button, make sure there isn’t any mistakes in the letter. Read it again or ask someone else to check if you are missing out something. A small mistake can become a big blunder for you.

Ø  Send it to yourself- before forwarding it to the hiring manager of the company, send it to yourself or to any friend to check if attachments and texts are working alright or not.

Format of email cover letter

Subject- write about the job position you want to apply for

Email message:


Body- the body part will be divided in three or more part which includes all the important information about your skills, abilities, qualification, awards and achievements. It should tell how you are going to help in the growth of the company and how you have worked till then. Mention about the required skills and match it with yours so that the hiring manager could find you suitable for the job. In the last paragraph thank the reader for considering your letter and taking time out to read it. And tell that you are waiting for a positive reply from them.


Your name



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