when is a cover letter is too long

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when is a cover letter is too long

Cover letter

Cover letter is an important part of the job application as it perfectly defines your skills and abilities to the reader and the hiring team. It is important to be clear about your experience and skills as it is going to help you in the desired job. It also let the hiring manager know better about you and the hiring team judges you based on their first impression that is through your job application. There is a way and format for writing cover letters that differs per the job title and position. The first thing to keep in mind that the letter should not be more than single page because it annoys the reader when is a cover letter is too long.

Rules for writing a cover letter

ō  Salutation- Be specific about the salutation as to whom are you referring to. Make sure you write the name of person instead of using a general salutation. Try your best to find out the name, if you donít know because it doesnít sound good to use a general salutation. You can also call on the company number to find it out.

ō  Elaborate about your personality: Most of the people commit this mistake of summarizing the resume in the cover letter. But you need to understand that cover letter is not about briefing resume rather than elaboration about your personality. You should tell more about your skills that are suitable for job position, your knowledge in various fields, passion and why you want to work with them. Make sure you write in a resected manner all the time.

ō  Concise- the cover letter should not be lengthy. It should only take single page and not more than that. While typing the cover letter, donít use fancy fonts instead of use any simple one. Donít write it all in one paragraph but divide it in three to four paragraphs sequence.

How to write

The first paragraph should be about why you are writing that letter and about your personal details. Write your name, your working experience, job position and title, desired job position etc.

The second paragraph is about your qualification and skills. Try to match the required skill with your own and explain how it is useful for the company. Also, discuss about how you have done in your experience and if you have secured any award or bonus for your brilliant work.

[ You can elaborate these things in two paragraph i.e., second and third paragraph or in a single but make sure it is not lengthy else divide it in two parts].

The last paragraph is closing paragraph in which you must thank your reader for taking his/her time out to consider your letter and mention that you are looking forward to this and would like to get an interview call.

The cover letter is an important part so keep it simple and direct. Donít make it a messy one as the reader will lose interest in reading when is a cover letter too long.


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