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where to write cover letter

Cover letter

Cover letter is required for getting hired at any job position as it describes about your skills, abilities, education and experience till then. You also tell about how you are suitable for the required position and how your skills are helpful. As this is the first chance for the company to know about you, so make sure it is written perfectly. There is an appropriate format for cover letter for various kinds of jobs and you should follow the rules of writing. It mustnít contain any inappropriate or unimportant things. Try to write it in a precise and suitable format required for the job position. Donít get confused as where to write cover letter, just attach it with resume.

Things to keep in mind while writing a cover letter

ō  The cover letter must not be lengthy and can adjust in a single page.

ō  Then focus on what are the skills required for that job position and then elaborate about your skills and match them in such a way that the put you suitable for it.

ō  Donít write a single cover letter in all the job application rather customize it per the need. Focus on what skills of yours can be helpful in that job position. And, get some knowledge about the organization and functioning.

ō  Donít use complex terms rather keep it simple and clear. Always use active voice and action verbs. Tell about your passion and how you are going to give your best to the company.

ō  Donít write more about your qualification and experience which isnít useful and because your resume has all such information.

ō  Write it in a sequential form that can define each part nicely. Write in paragraphs.

Organizing a cover letter in proper way

ō  First paragraph- first, you should explain why are you writing and who are you. Itís about your current job position and how you connect yourself to that company. Mention personal details about you and a brief qualification detail.

ō  Second and third paragraph- This is an important part and that it should be sequential and clear. Write a brief of your resume and working experience that matches with the required job position and how your skills are going to help. Also, mention about the company and why you want to work with them. Donít copy your resume rather pick out such points which are helpful and how.

ō  Last paragraph- the last paragraph should be a polite request for making an interview call to you. Also, thank the person for taking out time to consider your letter and end it by writing that you are expecting an interview call from them and would like to work with them.


Cover letter is an important part of any job application along with resume. It describes your ability and skills more clearly and the reader can connect well with you. You might wonder where to write cover letter so it is a single page letter attached with your resume. 


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