who should cover letter be addressed to

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who should cover letter be addressed to

Who should cover letter be addressed to

A cover letter is a single page document attached with resume that describes about your abilities and skills required for a job position. The letter should be clear and simple in a sequential form that can keep the interest of the reader. It must contain how you are going to give your best to the company and in what way. While writing a suitable cover letter, the main problem that arises is who should cover letter be addressed to. It can be difficult and tricky when you donít know the name or gender of the person you are addressing to. If you donít know the name and gender, then try to find out the name of hiring manager of the companyís branch. And even if you fail, then itís better to use a simple greeting or donít use any.

Alternatives while addressing of a cover letter

You are left with some of the options when you donít have any idea about the person you are addressing the cover letter to.

ō  First- the first option is to make a quick search about the hiring manager or the person to whom you are referring that letter. In case you canít find the name then you should look out for the title on the companyís website. And even if you are unable to find the name or title, you should now look out for any contact number of the company. You can call on the number and ask for the name of hiring manager in a polite manner.

ō  Second- the second option is only applied if you donít have any idea about the name or gender of the hiring manager even after searching a lot. The only option now is to leave the salutation part of letter and move on to write first paragraph or write any suitable general salutation.

What to use as a general salutation

The general salutations are only used when you donít know the name or gender of the hiring manager of the company. These can be differed per your choice and job position. Some of the common general salutation to be used are:

ō  Dear sir or madam

ō  Dear hiring manager

ō  To/ Dear the director of human resources

ō  Donít write salutation part

And when you know the name of the person but not the gender then you should avoid using any title that describes gender. Itís much better to write the first and last name of the person with Ďdearí. For example: Dear Shannon Murphy.


It is difficult at first to know who should cover letter be addressed to but once you know the name or gender then it wonít be. But in case you donít have any idea about the person you are referring this letter to, then also you have many options of general salutation. Itís better to write a simple salutation at first instead of leaving it blank. Few of the examples have been mentioned above. 


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