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How to use the Internet to search for a job
If you are using the classified and other advertising agencies to look for a job, then you are missing out on many different opportunities. The world is changing and many things have been digitized. This means that most companies use the Internet to advertise for any vacancies. Yes, there is stiff competition online but that doesn�t mean that you can�t your own piece of the cake. There are still companies that use the traditional way of advertising that you can still take advantage of. Changing your focus is what is needed for you to increase your chances of success.
Using the Internet to search for the different opportunities is going to be a challenging process. This is because of the different Australian job search sites. However, with a little guidance you can take advantage of the different sites for you successfully submit your resume. The first thing you will need to know is how the Australian job search works. Having the information will enable you to effectively use the site for your own benefit.
The jobs search works like any other search engine. You will be required to search for the specific industry that you are looking for. You will them receive a list of all the advertised jobs in that category. Yes, the potential employers may not take notice or your resume, but that is still the scenario with applying through the traditional channels.
There are many benefits that you are going to get from using the Australian job search sites. You will get access to many different employers at a time. You will also be able to make multiple applications at a time which will be able to safe time. The online jobs usually reduce the pressure of interacting one on one. You know sometime you may get a phone interview which will be the first profess to your recruitment. This does not however mean you won�t get to have the physical interview. You therefore need to be prepared for that.
Before searching for the jobs
Okay, before you can proceed with the process of searching for jobs, there are different factors that you need to consider. The first thing that you will need to do is consider your resume. It needs to be up to date. There are different formats that you can use from word, PDF and the plain text. To be on the safe side you need to ensure that you have the resume in different versions. You know the different sites and companies require your resume in different versions. In you resume, there are different aspects that you need to consider;
Who you are ; this will be in terms of your training and qualifications
What do you do and what is it that you plan to do if given the chance
What are your interests in terms of the career advancement
Who do you what to work for
Where do you want to work
You need to create a resume that will catch the attention of the employers. The best way is for you to create a resume that will answer their different questions.


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