canadian jobs for foreigners

Information Foreigners Should Know Before Coming to Canada to Work
It is true that that there is lots of Canadian jobs for foreigners. However, just by landing there as a foreigner will not let you start working. You have to go through different process that will help you get the job. This article will explain about such process.
Employment opportunities and job market in Canada
Just like any other developed country Canada too has wide opportunities and there are number of Canadian jobs for foreigners. The economic growth of this country is mainly concentrated at four major cities Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal. If you want to apply for Canadian jobs for foreigners you should have a work permit.
For working in Canada knowledge of English and French is necessary, especially in Quebec. Qualification required for each job varies with the specific job role. Sometimes employers also seek for candidates who actively participate in sports. There are different opportunities and you have to look for them.
Different types of work contract
For working in Canada, you will get different types of work contract among which you may choose one that fits your conditions and requirement.
The most common form of employment in Canada is permanent employment. In this type of employment you will get a salary package that will include base salary, health benefits and other perks. From this salary there will be payroll deductions that are paid by both employers and employees. Such deductions may include Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance (EI), and Income Tax.
In Canada there are contracts or freelance employment. In such type of contract employer will pay a fixed amount for certain project, and there will be no additional benefits. If the contract workers want, they may allow the employers to deduct for Canada Pension plan and employment insurance. However, after every year they have to pay income tax.
Another way to work in Canada is part time employment wherein you may have to work occasionally or on weekends. Most of these jobs are available in service sector that includes food stores, restaurants, and retail stores and so on. Depending upon the position they pay wages, but everybody adheres to the minimum wage that is CAD10.15
There are other types of employment too that includes internships, summer jobs, co-operative, unpaid voluntary jobs and so on.
Whether you are a foreigner or a Canadian citizen, when you are working in the country you have to pay for the federal expenses. If you are working there for a long period then you too have to pay taxes just like any Canadian resident. You have to pay to Canada pension plan, for employment insurance premiums and federal and provincial income tax.
However, if your home country is in any treaty with Canada, a part or full Canadian income may be exempted from tax.
Thus, when you are thinking of relocating to Canada, this information will surely help you take decisions and prepare you before you relocate to Canada. There are a lot of opportunities you just need to grab them!

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