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Getting Prepared For Working in Canada

Canadian society is open and fair and this is even reflected in their job markets too. If you have merit you can get any good job. All the offers made there are based mainly on the merit of the candidate. Thus, if you are looking for Canadian job vacancies, you should also concentrate on the style of applying for such vacancies in Canada.
Make a Canadian style resume
A resume or Curriculum Vitae is the first application from you to Canadian job vacancies. They must be designed in such way that yours is shortlisted and you get a call for interview. You need to summarize your experience and qualifications that will help the recruiter know about you and shortlist.
If you are applying for different types of jobs then you should have separate resumes for each type. This is necessary because your resume should reflect why you are apt for the position. If you have single resume it may not be the situation. You can prepare your own CV or get it done from any professional who knows how to write a Canadian style CV. However, before you start sending it you should get it reviewed by others.
While applying for any job you should include a covering letter. This letter will highlight on the points why an employer should consider you for the position. While applying for the job, also mention that why you are interested working in their concern.
Job interviews in Canada
Once you get the interview call from any company its time you persuade the employer that you are the right person for the position. Depending upon the company the nature and duration of interview will be different. Some concerns may take two to three rounds before they finally choose you while others may take decision after one round of interview. During these interviews they will try to take out relevant information about your work experience and skills. They will evaluate whether you are fit for their concern or not, before they appoint you.

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