getting a job in canada

Do�s And Don�ts to Follow While Looking for Job in Canada
If you are interested in getting a job in Canada, then you should know how to do that. It�s true that Canada welcomes new immigrants that have skills and qualifications. However, there are thousands more like you who are trying the same. Thus, to find your dream job in Canada you should know certain Do�s and don�t
It�s not easy to get a job from overseas, thus for getting a job in Canada you should do the following
Do visit the different Canadian job websites to check out the demand of jobs that re related to your field.
Do check the eligibility for each job and make sure that you have applied for permanent resident visas. Many employers ask for your work status before they offer you anything.
Start applying for job vacancies before 12 weeks you plan to move to Canada. Applying much before that may not help you as you will not be able to shift.
Your resume must be according to the Canadian standards and also include a short and precise cover letter along with it.
If possible provide a Canadian mobile number and address on the resume. Then start applying for different job vacancies.
Be clear about the time when you will be available for Skype interviews.
You should know the things that you don�t need to do while applying for job vacancy at Canada.
Don�t expect things will be like that in your home. Be flexible as you may have to face changes.
Don�t expect that you will get a job that is either better or at least of same position as in your home country. You have to know about the Canadian standards and once you are there for some time you can get hike.
Don�t expect that you will get a job as soon you land in Canada. It may takes weeks and you need to be patience during that period.

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