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Different Job Available In the Commercial Capital of Canada
When your family is shifting to Montreal, Quebec it is obvious that you will look for a job there! For that if you search the different job postings Montreal, you will get a lot of them. However, before you go there, and start looking for a job there you need to know about the place and the working conditions there.
Montreal, a city of its own beauty
Montreal was a French colony and is located at Quebec. It is considered as the commercial capital of Canada and thus finding a good job there won�t be tough. The main language spoken here is French and then English. So, if you have hold on French it will be an added advantage when you are looking for a job in Montreal.
In Montreal there are different types of industries that offers job at various position. Industries includes aerospace, pharmaceuticals, electronic goods, printed goods, telecommunications, software engineering, textile and apparel manufacturing, petrochemicals, tobacco, and transportation.
The service sector includes higher education, finance, engineering and research and development. Thus, you can find that there are lots of opportunities for you.
General working hours of the city
While you are looking for job postings Montreal you should also have vivid idea about the hours that you have to spend in this city. Obviously it will depend upon the industry where you will be working. Like, if you work in hospitals or other services you will have no fixed time. You have to work in shifts and that may vary.
If you are working in private sector, you have to work for about 40 to 50 hours per week. This time is little less in case of Government sector offices. The blue collar employees are given overtime for extra hours worked by them but they do not need to work extra hours, generally.

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