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Reasons People Site When They Do Not Like Their Job
If you are asked that are you satisfied with your job, about 60% will reply that they are not! Yet they are working. Why? To earn money that will make their life easier. However, have you ever thought that instead of working for something that you do not like, why don�t you look for jobs that will be liked and loved by you? When you enjoy your job, you will find that it�s no more tiring. Thus, when you look at job postings in Canada ensure that you are not just looking for a money making machine, but something that will give you enjoyment even when you are working.
The Money is good
You may have a feel that money is good and when you can earn it you are able to buy everything! However, is it true? Can you buy everything with money? Do you think that the stress that you are taking to earn money from a job that you do not like, you are actually doing any good for yourself? Just think how stress you are to be on your present job, instead shift to something that you like and love. At the beginning the salary may be less but when you are doing something with all your heart, things will surely change in better way.
I'm Too Old to change jobs
Do you really feel that you are too old to change job? Why? When you are capable to work somewhere then why not at some place that you like? If you look at the different job postings in Canada you will find that there are job for matured people like you, means even people older than you are changing job then why not you? To do what your heart want you can start volunteering at some place. Gradually you can find the change in yourself and of course the rest will be history.
There's no jobs in the field i want to work in:
This cannot be true as in all fields there are always hiring going on. It may be less compared to other sectors, but there are. All you have to do is look for opportunities and once you get them just jump into them. Keep on tracking the job postings in Canada to know about the new openings in the sector where you want to work and you will surely find something. Yes, you may have to be flexible but whey it�s related to something that you love everything is right, isn�t it?
Thus, mentioned above are few things that people say when they are working in a job that is not according to their choice. Irrespective of everything, one should always remember that when they are working at something that they love to do, things will be less stressful and they can enjoy life. It is a cycle that will continue and result will surely be better personal lives and better performance too. So, even if you too are tired of the work you are doing and you do not like it at all, then look for change. In Canada the scope is much higher so grab the opportunity.

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