jobs for engineers in Canada

Basic Information about Jobs for Engineers in Canada
Engineers are skilled workers and thus they always have demand in any country. In Canada, the demand for engineers is high as there is acute shortage of engineers in the country. There are many recruitment agencies that help out both employers and employees in finding a good job. It is obvious that when looking at jobs for engineers in Canada only the jobs will not matter. You have to know many other things too. Let�s find out.
Different engineering field in demand
There are different types of engineering and in various countries these requirement is different too. Thus, when you are searching for jobs for engineers in Canada you have to know which engineering jobs are listed here. The listed occupations of engineers in Canada are
Mechanical engineers
Civil engineers
Industrial and manufacturing engineers
Chemical engineers
Electrical and electronics engineers
Aerospace engineers
Metallurgical and materials engineers
Geological engineers
Mining engineers
Petroleum engineers
Computer engineers excluding the software engineers and the designers
Credentials Recognition
Now before you look for jobs for engineers in Canada you have to know about the requirements for working there as engineer. First you will need immigration visa and after that you have to contact with the regulatory body of that particular province where you are planning to relocate. From them you can gather the information about the documentation required and the assessment fees that you have to pay. You should complete these formalities before you arrive in Canada.
The documents that you may need to submit are
Original copies of the diplomas or degrees and the full record of your marks obtained. You may have to submit the full address of the educational institution where you have taken the course and got your educational qualification.
The documents related to your knowledge of English and French in certain provinces.
Upon submission of the documents your university background will be verified and your academic qualification too will be assessed. Then they may assign you to appear for an examination where you will have to test your skills that you have learned as an engineer in your country.
These exams are generally help twice a year depending upon the province. So, before you settle in any province get enough information about the province and when these examinations will be held. Once done you will get your license to work as engineers in Canada and you can start looking for jobs that suits your need.
Best Locations
As mentioned earlier there is acute shortage of skilled engineers in the country, so in almost every province you will find jobs for engineers. However, still there is variation from one province to another. The provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta have good concentration of engineering jobs especially in the field of mining, construction and energy sectors.
Just do not concentrate on big cities for finding job opportunities. You can search jobs in small ones too where you will able to start working and then after few years you can shift to big cities.

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