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Things to Note before Posting Jobs
If you are a Canadian entrepreneur and is looking for some candidates to fill up vacancies at your place, then you may post Canada jobs. Once you post jobs in the job portals or other sites that is viewed by candidates for searching job you will start getting pool of candidates those may be fit for vacancies at your place. However before you post jobs you should note certain things.
Chalk out your requirement first
Before you post Canada jobs you must chalk out your requirement. You must have idea about the number of employees needed by you and the skill set that they should possess. You must also decide whether the positions will be part time or full time? If you can manage by some part timers then you can post jobs accordingly.
You must also note that what should be the pay for each position and how much are you willing to change in the pay figures for a deserving candidate. Once you fix all this draft the advertisement for vacancies at your place and post the job.
Seek good job portals
In Canada you will find that there are number of job portals which will allow you to post your job vacancy. Some will allow you to post for free while others will charge you for that. Whether you choose to post for free or pay for the job positing, remember that quality of candidates that you will get will depend upon the portal where the job is posted.
Thus, before you post the job do some research that which portal is accessed by candidates for jobs of your sector? When you are able to note them down, post your job in them and wait for the response from candidates. After you shortlist the candidates start taking interviews and you can complete hiring.

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