student jobs in canada

Student Jobs In Canada That Will Help You Pay For Education
While you are in Canada for studying there are no harm if you earn something by working there. With this you can make something to pay for your education. So, if you are really interested in earning while studying, looking for student jobs in Canada is not the only option. There are others too.
Work-Study Programs
You can get yourself enrolled for Work-study program. For this you will be working in your campus, provide that you are a full time student. Most universities in Canada allow their students to work for 12 hours a week as anything excess of it may hamper your academics. You will be paid with an amount of $10 per hour and there will be other benefits and vacation pay. The jobs may be in any department of universities that includes administration to food services.
Those students who have valid student permit, have satisfactory academic standing and have about 60% of full course load can apply for Work study program in Canadian universities.
Co-op and Internship Programs
Apart from work study programs there are other options for student jobs in Canada. You can choose to go to nay internship program. This will depend upon your university and the course that you are undergoing. Sometimes you will be assigned to the job from the university and at other time you may have to find one. When you work as interns you add valuable working experience which may prove useful when you start looking for permanent jobs.
Before you are placed in any of these jobs remember that you should be qualified enough to work in those positions. In co-ops you will be paid for the work while if its internship you won�t be getting a penny, it�s only your enriched experienced that will count.
Part-time Jobs
The most common type of student jobs in Canada is part time jobs. If you start searching for them you can find that there are many part time opening where you can work when you are not studying. You may get these opportunities in retail shops, food services, clothing stores or restaurants. There are many options and if you search you can actually work at some place during your summer vacations.
If you can speak in any other language it will also be considered as a boost as there are people from whole world in Canada and talking with a non-English spoken customer in their local language may also be rewarding for you.
Requirement of special visa permit
While studying in Canada you must have student visa that is a temporary resident permit in the country. However, this permit has many advantages that other permits do not have. You get opportunity to work in universities and also apply for off campus jobs. After completing six months of you study you can ask for off campus work permit that will allow you to work for 20 hours a week. And during summer vacation you can work full time. So, with student visa you get the opportunity to learn as well as earn something while gathering some experience.

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