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Message : We have modified our traffic generation strategy to focus on various other marketing strategies and not just SEO. We tried this on some new websites and can see good traffic from beginning
and it retains even if we donít create so many back links.

You can also do this by your own, you donít need us or any other SEO company. The main thing is the strategy.

Focus on branding yourself, let people know about you, word of mouth etc.
People spend a lot of time in facebook, twitter , linkedin, foursquare, pinterest, google plus
and many similar website.
If you try optimizing yourself to get traffic from social sites, your Google traffic will automatically increase. I tried this rule on various client websites and it worked really well. I want you to try this also. If you want to know more about strategies contact me at [email protected] and i will let you know your strategy based on your websites and business.

Posted Date : 11/22/2012

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