Things Not to do in Office

There are many things which make your colleagues unhappy with your behavior in office and this may lead to loosing a good job even though you are really good in your skill set.
Always try to adapt the nature of work culture as soon as possible whenever you join a new company.

Some common points to remember (Avoid below things in office ):
Things not to do in office  Try to be visible whenever your manager or colleague is looking for you. Don't be never around because you're always out on a "smoking break" or "coffee break". Limit your puffs and coffee sips to standard break times.
Things not to do in office  Follow standard timings of the office. Don't come late and really start to work about 1 p.m. There is nobody who sees you working past 5 p.m. You may be annoying those who already have put in a full day before you even get warmed up even though you are working hard and completing the tasks in time. This also shows that you are working independently and not in a team.
Things not to do in office  You should not fill information about everyone in the office. Try not to reveal everything about anyone. Sometimes its better to give a simple answer - I don't know . If you want to keep friends, learn to keep a secret. Sometimes situations get worse also.
Deal with your colleagues  Make sure that you are not smelling bad. Its very common for people making spicy food leaves bad smell in their clothes. Try to use mouth fresheners or chewing gums while going to meetings or interacting with people to avoid bad breath.
Deal with your colleagues  Avoid unnecessary arguing with your managers and co-workers . Sometimes its really annoying when you oppose any discussion just to make a point.
Deal with your colleagues  Don't be late for any meeting.
avoiding bad practice in office  Always be in proper dress code as per company guidelines. Keep your Nails clean and Short, also your Hands and Teeth Clean.
avoiding bad practice in office  Avoid foods with strong smells and aromas that will travel throughout the office. Wash and return all kitchen items to their proper place, clean spills, and wipe countertops and tables as needed. Leaving dishes in the sink, old food in the fridge ,leaving spilled water or coffee on table is a sure - fire way to annoy fellow workers. Clean up your acts.
avoiding bad practice in office  Don't talk politics.Talking politics with people is a really easy way to sour friendships and make enemies.
avoiding bad practice in office  Apologize if you are clearly in the wrong. If in doubt, apologize anyway. It's no big deal Never blame someone else if it is your mistake
office manners  Do not follow your boss around constantly.
office manners  Avoid using speaker phone in office or lower down volume to keep the peace.


Office Manners , Things not to do in office, Deal with your colleagues , avoiding bad practice in office

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