Job Search in a Recession

Its always tough to walk against the wind. Getting a job in recession is really tough and there is no room for any error.

The below points are for job seekers who looking for any survival job in the recession market.
Job search in recession  Have a good look at industry data.Create a report to see which industry is facing worker shortage or having job growth.
Job search in recession  Brush up your skills while facing any interview. Also try to increase or improve your skill set.
Job search in recession  Mock interviews with your colleagues and professors will help you feel more comfortable being asked questions and formulating your responses. They also provide an opportunity for feedback on your style and how you come across in an interview.
Job search in recession  Go on as many interviews as your can. Each one adds to your experience and helps you to be better prepared for the next one. You can learn a lot about a district from the questions that are asked.
job search guidelines in recession  Consider freelance, contract ,corp-corp and part time jobs also.
job search guidelines in recession  Have a good network.Join few good networking web sites. Many companies and recruiters reveal their job vacancies in these sites also.
job search guidelines in recession  Be realistic for the salary you are looking for. More the salary you are expecting, its gonna take more time to get that job.
job search guidelines in recession  Demonstrate your skills to the company. Company should realize that you are the one they were looking for and you have the potential and will add value for the company.
job search guidelines in recession  Don't loose hope and try again for next interview. But remember there is no room for same mistake and you need to really improve.


Job search in recession, job search guidelines in recession

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