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Interview tips for teacher
Interview tips for teacher Important questions             If you are a teacher with the upcoming interview then review some of the questions and tips which can help you with the intervi
Services For Corp Corp Recruiters
 Jobisite has launched services for recruiters which are free to try.Conducting Interviews: We have a team of interview panelist and can conduct 30 interviews with your candidates. Currently, these services are open to USA and India.  We ca
offer letter sample
 offer letter sample An offer letter should contain attractive points other than just offers. An offer letter is offered by the HR team and recruiting a manager for the new team members. You may use the following  offer letter samp
Work life balance at Maven Infotech
Maven ensures  work life balance which motivates the employees to perform in a better way. There are weekly fun sessions, employee birthday celebration & puja celebration. Being a Mavenite I am very much happy with the work environment at Ma
Very good career opportunity at Maven Infotech
Maven ensures steady  growth curve in my career . It has given  me  the right platform for my career. Being a Mavenite I am very much happy with the career opportunity at
Offer letter sample template
Offer letter sample template An offer letter sample is a letter which is sent by the HR team. The human resource department is always responsible for the purpose of sending these letters to those people who forms a part of the newest me
Salary negotiation with candidates email template
Salary negotiation with candidates email template When an employer revises job profile of any employee, many type negotiations regarding the salary structure take place. As these negotiations and complete communications are done via ema
Post interview rejection letter sample
Post-interview rejection letter sample A letter which you need to write for rejecting a candidate whom you have interviewed is called a post-interview rejection letter. The letter has to be short and brief. Rejections letter are almost
Part time to full time offer letter template
Part-time to full-time offer letter template When a company appoints an employee, the job type of every employee differs as per the company policy and pattern. Some employees have part-time job status; some have temporary or permanent t
Job offer email template
Job offer email template The template used for confirming the job offer to the candidate is the most awaited mail for candidate whoever has participated in the interview sessions. These emails and templates contain much information whi
Job Application Rejection Email Template
Job Application Rejection Email Template It might not seem important to you sending a feedback email to the rejected candidates, but this kind of things really matters in all reputed companies. Your company name might get sabotaged due to su
Interview Feedback to Candidates Email Template
Interview Feedback to Candidates Email Template This kind of email templates is very useful when it comes to communicating with your client or worker. Especially, these templates are for those interviewed applicants who have been rejected d
Informal offer letter sample
Informal offer letter sample The Informal offer letter sample is very useful when it comes to offering a short-term position to a candidate. You can use this format with some modification for any candidate. This offer letter contains ac
Sample offer letter format
Formal job offer: Sample offer letter format You can use this Formal job offer: Sample offer letter format as formal offer letter in your company. It includes all the necessary points for the full-time position for a successful candidate. Th
Contract employee offer letter sample
Contract employee offer letter sample You can use this Contract employee offer letter sample as an offer letter in your company. It can be used as fixed or part-time employment. The initial process of offer letter is very straightfor
Candidate rejection letter sample
Candidate rejection letter sample You can follow this Candidate rejection letter sample. It contains all the necessary points to explain a candidate about the rejection cause. You can customise the sample according to the company profi
Candidate rejection email template
Candidate rejection email template It might bring a negative impact on the employer if you ignore the rejected candidate. There might be bad effects on the reputation of the company. The recruiting manager/HR manager can use the Candid
Applicant rejection letter sample
Applicant rejection letter sample There might be several reasons for rejection of the application. In that case, you can follow the Applicant rejection letter sample to write your application. You can simply follow the templates,
Second interview confirmation email
Second interview confirmation email   The major and the only role played by the second interview confirmation email are to confirm the interview meeting with the candidate. This email contains all the details required for in the second
Scheduling an interview email
Scheduling an interview email   This particular email template is highly useful for inviting or calling a potential candidate for scheduling an interview email. The opening of the letter must be something that says that you are approach
Reschedule interview with candidates email
Reschedule interview with candidates email   This particular template is all about rescheduling the interview with your candidate during the process of hiring them. It is a reschedule interview with candidates email. In this particular
Phone interview invitation email
Phone interview invitation email   The one given below will be a phone interview invitation email template which can be used during the entire process of your hiring. Once that you have evaluated the resume of your candidate, you will m
Phone interview confirmation email
Phone interview confirmation email   Conducting an interview is a big responsibility for an employer and inviting candidates for an interview is an art. When the interview is scheduled many stages are set through which candidate has to
Interview confirmation email
Interview confirmation email   Whenever a company schedule an opening for a certain post many steps are to be taken for inviting the candidates and making them comfortable. The interview confirmation email is an essential part of this p
Interview availability email
Interview availability email   The recruiter/employer uses the Interview availability email to inform candidates about the new job opening. It also used to inform candidates about the details of the interview and duration. You can ment
Interview cancellation email from employer
Interview cancellation email from employer   In many companies, such situations arise when the scheduled interview is to be cancelled. Then the requirement arises primarily is a good and convincing interview cancellation email from the
Recruiter to hiring manager
Hiring update email: Recruiter to hiring manager   Hiring update email: Recruiter to hiring manager is pretty self-explanatory. The recruiter sends it to the hiring manager. It provides the current status of the hiring position. These
Application acknowledgement email
Application acknowledgement email   Application acknowledgement email samples are used by the employer to inform the candidate about his/her application. Apart from that, you can use the email to communicate with the candidate promptly
military veteran candidates email
Sourcing military veteran candidates email   To recruit the military veteran candidates is the great task for any company persons. Military veterans in different roles turn the company environment to learn and work with many different
Sourcing marketing candidates email
Sourcing marketing candidates email   This is a very useful template generally used for inviting the marketing person for the open position in the company. It ensures to get the complete interest of the candidate and get the positive re
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