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Resume infographic

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Resume infographic

Resume infographic, a newer style of resume representing images

People love infographics and the main reason is that our brains respond quickly to visual storytelling. Our attention is seized on seeing images. An infographic uses images to inspire or tell a story. This magic makes a resume engaging and the competitive job market notes resume infographic quickly.

What is resume infographic?

Resume infographic is not same as the traditional resume. This type of resume includes graphic design elements. However, a traditional resume uses basic text such that it lists information from the top. In fact, such infographic resumes make use of color, layout, icons and also maintains font styling in the content.

When to use resume Infographic

Resume infographic must be used only when the hiring managers request it over traditional. It may be acceptable to pull off such resume types, only if you are professionally into designing.

A major downside is that they get missed in the process, if ATS is used by the company. The Application Tracking System scans for keywords and does not recognize such infographic that you may be missed out completely.

To use an infographic in your resume, do it when requested specifically or consider sending it on your profile as a supplement post or attach directly to email and also attach the traditional version as well.

How to Create

Infographic resume is not easy to pull off. Having the ability of high level designing execution means you need to understand the visualizations and graphs employed to express data. The infograph definition creates a visual image featuring a diagram or a chart representing your data or information.

How to create depends on your experience with infographs. It is a tricky territory to attempt and so try this only if you have proper knowledge and confidence.

  • If you are new to this design style, consider a freelance designer to get that you want. Creating infographic resume without any experience is not easy.

  • If you have knowledge or experience, start using a template. There are sites to offer great options, if you do not have Adobe Photoshop or design software.

Tips & Tricks to suit all Skill Levels

The guidelines are useful when followed, regardless of your experience.

  • First reduce using colors. Consider only three to four colors in varying shades. To start, try greens and blues. Keep a light color as background.

  • Second, do not forget that this is your resume, a professional document. Thus, keep it away from cartoonish graphics, loud colors that detract the resume content. Be mindful while using fonts so that it does not affect the readability. Also avoid highly stylized fonts. Even if you like some color or font, do not try your desires on your resume front.

  • Third, follow logical or chronological order keeping the flow of information. Keep the layout coherent. Your email and name should be at the document bottom.

  • Keep it simple, this is the most important tip. Even if you have a knack of presenting masterful charts with beautiful colors, it may be hard for the hiring manager to go through the key resume components to decipher. Thus keep your resume infographic strict to work. Keep it simple, clean and bear in mind you must include essentials such as contact information, name, work experience and academic background. 


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