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Interview tips for us Visa

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Interview tips for us Visa

Interview tips for us Visa that can Land you an Opportunity to Work, Live or Study in US

Almost everybody in other parts of the world have once in their lifetime dreamt of being in the US. This is because they believe the US has numerous opportunities that where they are. I don’t know this is true or false but all in all it is not a crime to immigrate to the US. If you have been looking forward to being contacted for that special US visa interview, then all you need to know is what it takes to emerge successful in such an interview. There are a number of very important tips you need to be aware of and capitalize on then so as to be considered successful and be awarded a visa.

Sharpen you English

English is one of the most crucial language as far as communication in the US is concerned. In fact, you will be subjected to a number of English tests by the interviewer and the results will be used to determine whether you are fit to be in the US or not. Why language? Language is a tool of communication and that is true. Now, English is the US national language and almost all people in the US include those at the Embassy or Consulate will communicate using English language. Your proficiency in English is what adds points to your assessment. You need to sharpen you English… be proficient in English.

You must hand in all the supplemental documents

Supplemental documents include a valid passport, academic certificates, National Identification Card and letter of recommendation from the director of criminal investigation. In order for your interview to go as expected, you need to supply all these documents during the interview. This will show the interviewer that you are enthusiastic and actually serious about obtaining a US visa. Without these documents, the interviewer will reject all your other documents because there is no exception when it comes to documents.

Be aware of the fact that not all countries are the equally treated

There are some of those countries which the department of internal security have listed as “on the watch” and if you are from these countries, you will be expected to provide other additional documentations, sponsorships and even recommendations from specific institutions. If you are from a black listed country, the be aware of the idea that you will be accepted if there is genuine back up such employment, study or even seeking of political asylum.

Be aware of the Visa program and how it merges your career plans

It is important to be aware of what the visa program is all about so that you can be concise in explaining why you want to be in the US. This is because when your career plans coincide with the visa programs and mission, you will certainly be given a chance to proceed to the next level of interview. It is important, also, to be yourself and be concise with your arguments.


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