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how to be good at job interviews

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how to be good at job interviews

How to be good at job interviews, know it here and ensure success

Do you have job interview scheduled, it is the right time to prepare. Here is an overview to succeed at job interviews: Knowing how to be good at job interviews is very important and the best tips begins with:

  • Practice answers to common questions in the interview

  • Make a first great impression

  • Prepare a set of questions for employers

  • Practice body language and good manners

  • Bring the required and right items to the interview

  • Practice strong answers

  • Win over with positivity and authenticity

Before the interview, set time aside and do these:

Research the company so that you enter with a solid understanding of the job requirement and how your background makes you a suitable fit.

  • Prepare answers to common questions such as: Why you are interested in working with us in this role, tell me about yourself, etc. Communicate quickly who you are and the value you will bring to the role and the company, take this as an elevator pitch.

  • Go through the job description; underline specific skills that the employer points out. Align the requirements and prepare a story where you used your skill to clear a situation, narrate the action, task, and result.

  • Practice your answers loud and is incredibly effective way of preparing. Run through the questions and say to yourself the answers or ask a friend to assist in the run down. This will instill confidence.

  • Prepare smart questions. Employers are not one-sided, in fact the job interview are two-way street. The employers like you to ask questions as it gives them a feel of seriously thinking about working with the company.

A few questions to ask interviewers:

  • Can you explain day-to-day responsibilities of the job?

  • How is performance measured and how often?

  • How do you describe the characteristics of someone succeeding in this role?

  • What are the challenges you are experiencing in this role.

  • What departments does this team regularly work with and how they collaborate?

Consider the first impressions

Dress to get first impression. If you speak before to a recruiter, ask them about the workplace dress code and choose accordingly your outfit. Research the company and try to learn, if you do not know anyone to ask.

Remember to shine your shoes, keep your nails tidy and clean, and check your clothes for stains, holes, loose threads, and pet hair.

Arrive 10-15 minutes early than the scheduled time. Map your route and arrive on time. Keep a backup plan ready, if you consider using a public transportation, to match up closures or sudden delays.

Pro-tip: If you arrive before the scheduled time, observe the dynamics of the workplace.

Manners and body language

Practice confident body language. Stand or sit tall, take deep breath and slowly exhale. It helps in managing the anxiety feel and promotes greater self-confidence.

Treat everyone with respect, right from the security personnel to parking lot and the front desk staff. Nail your handshake, smile and have proper eye contact.


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