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HR interview questions

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HR interview questions

Hr interview questions, Practice the tricks to answer with confidence

Clearing HR interview questions definitely needs dexterity so that you handle the technical and the non-technical questions with similar finesse. It is believed widely that 90% of the hires failed owing to behavioral skills, and the companies emphasize on identifying the cultural right fit.

A very important note here is that in HR interview questions, there is nothing as right or wrong answer. Here are a few questions that may throw you off the guard and diminish the chances of job securing. All you have to do is answer in the right way.

Questions to a Candidate

  • Hello, how are you today?

Here answer with a smile. Even if you encountered any trouble, do mention it without hesitation. Express in a positive note. Your answers can be:

  • I am well today sir, thank you”.

  • I am very well sir, just that the traffic is a hassle here. But I made sure to beat it by starting early.”

  • Tell me about yourself.

The foremost question is to set the tone of the interview. You can earn points in lots if you answer it right. Give a brief of your qualification, location and family, your hobbies, etc. Mention your achievement, if it fits.

  • Keep the answer to 3-4 sentences and not over that.

  • No need to clarify your weakness & strengths at these points.

A common mistake seen is “I am basically from...” there is no need of starting in this manner. Keep your answers simple to the point, giving space and time. Avoid stretching it a lot.

Example as:

Hi, I am (say your name) and hail from (Your place). I did my (your qualification) from (college name and location). I completer my plus two from (Say the school name and the percentage secured in 12th finals). I have (number of members) members in my family and mention (you are the youngest, first or middle son/daughter). I love (say your hobby, anything music, sports, reading) and any relevant point, if any.

Tip: Go through awesome Tell me about yourself examples and the best answers

  • What are your key strengths?

This is a very important question in an HR interview. This is asked to understand how much you know yourself and your confidence in your strengths.

  • Stay positive. Answer likes “I am a positive person”. Explaining your strength with a past experience is desirable.

Tip: Go through awesome examples and answers of Strengths and Weaknesses interview question


Sir, my greatest strength is my ability of learning things quickly. For example, (quote some example that you did and present it with success.

My greatest strength is my positive attitude. “My best skill is my verbal ability and articulation skill. Again here quote some instances.

What is one thing, to improve about you? (OR) what are your weaknesses?

This is a tricky question expecting negative answer. Manage it with a positive twist.


  • I take up too many things, leaving very little time for myself.”

  • I am a perfectionist and dedicated too much on one task ensuring it to perfection.

  • I always say yes, when asked for help. I am now working on saying No at times”.


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