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Job fair Tips

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Job fair Tips

Get the most of your career from these job fair tips

Standing out is no easy feat. However, when you are piled into competing with job seekers in hundreds to grab a recruiter’s attention only for a few minutes, it become critical to show up you are ready and prepared to face the day and thus stay distinguished from the crowd. Ace the career covers with these job fair tips and make a great impression and land on to interviews.

Job fair Tips

  • Come prepared. Review the employer’s online directory and understand the job openings. Spend some time in acquiring knowledge about their background and ask specific and focused questions. This will show you have genuine interest and impress the representatives.

  • Give adequate time for yourself and come early. There is possibility that the job fairs are between your class timing and you may have to run taking a break. Fairs are mostly busy during lunch hours and normally they close promptly.

  • Dress perfectly as it makes the first impression. Job fairs accept your campus attire, yet if you are dressed in a business casual style, it will mean you are appropriately dressed.

  • Take few minutes; patiently review the directory and the map of the fair. This will help you in locating quickly and offer comfort. You can directly walk to the line you are interested.

  • Prioritize employers you are keen about and it is easy to start with that you are interested. This offers you a chance to hone your skill and you can go with confidence. Balance with reality that you may run short of time and many more students also may be looking for the same employers.

  • The fair directory offers details of employers opportunities and some positions may not be available or some may have just popped in. the truth is in the job fair no employer representative is actually aware of the available positions, and this is particularly noted in large organization. The representative attending the fair share their experiences of working and the truth may be that have no involvement in the process of hiring. If the representative at the fair is unable to specify the internships or jobs to interest you, ask the name of someone to help you.

  • Introduce yourself, say hello with a good handshake and keep your resume ready to hand over to the employer. Speak about your career interests, besides extracurricular and academic experiences so that you show your strengths and skills.

  • Take notes as you inquire and even if the representative of any company is unable to answer your queries about a job that interests you, write their telephone numbers, name, etc so that you can get in touch with them later. This is possible only if you make a record of it.

  • Do not take materials on display. Respect sample items and confirm before taking materials. Be courteous and show interest. Demonstrate sensitivity by allowing the employers to speak and then continue your conversation. Answer all the questions and show your positive attitude.


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