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Networking for jobs tips

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Networking for jobs tips

Networking for jobs tips, give importance to contacts and consider smooth approach

Networking goes bad as mainly the job seekers keep asking strangers and their friends a specific job and the related openings. It puts people in awkward position, especially if they are not from your known circle and they hesitate speaking to you or even recommending you for some job. Making people uncomfortable or too pushy online means you are destroying the opportunity of meeting one -on-one or even knowing the networking job openings.

Here are a few networking for jobs tips that may be immensely helpful:

  • Start with known people to ask for networking jobs and slowly expand the list of acquaintances and in the process even strangers become second nature.

  • It is crucial to work on your friend before moving to others. Use a referral name and contact a person you know can be really helpful.

Do not miss on networking with strangers as contacting everyone possible by social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, or by email and phone is acceptable. You do not know when you will receive some useful information or when someone may really take interest. Apart from finding a job, it is good to make new friends, when you move to a new location or a city.

  • Reaching out to a contact alone is not enough. An important tip is prepare in mind that you wish to say and do not obsess about it.

The social network communication makes things easier than ever before. You may make some contacts as you meet and prefer the phone calls immediacy or even consider instant messaging. Be prepared to offer the referral name or state that you are in contact. Ask for a short list of contact area questions and expertise. Put it together so that you save the embarrassment of knowing that you wish to say.

However, do not over-prepare as this can turn an excuse to put you off in the very first contact. In the worse case, you may get literally stuck for words in a conversation. It will be like memorizing a poem and any distraction may screw it up.

Recognize that there are always good and bad days coming up in life. People may not respond to messages or may decline requests of chatting. There are possibilities that you do not get in touch with key contacts fearing rejection. However, do not give up. A sense of humor and persistence is the key to networking success.

Maintaining objectivity is easier on a job search and if you have a good friends as support system, a career counselor or fellow job seekers, etc, it may smooth out and can be of help in your experience even the unrealistic lows and highs, as well.

Prepare a discussion topic.

Research on you contact career, industry and put together few questions. Ask for job tips and ask them for other professionals that you can reach out; Keep the new connections going on. Your contact will be gratified and will admire your talent to keep in touch with his contacts in a useful way and the way you try to seize available opportunities.


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