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Supervisor interview questions

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Supervisor interview questions

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Are you involved on a regular basis with supervising employees? The supervisors are the strong leaders on the top rung as they know to work hard, are determined, and also are aware to follow the orders as received from higher ups.

Actually a position of a supervisor is in two worlds. It is not a mid-level management and also does not involve the salary or any perks. It is not any entry-level work and also does not involve working daily with the staff. Supervisors require a different skill set with the right mix. However, here is a set of supervisor interview questions to get a clue:

Why do you believe you can be a good supervisor?

This question opens a window for you to bring out your management style. It tells how to employ the skills and how to describe your qualities. They may tell you some scenario and expect you to answer about the skills that are valuable for management, so that there is positive impact.

How will you describe the management skills?

Identical to the earlier question, here it offers an idea of the management skills of a candidate and their style. Presenting in the right manner ensures success.

What three factors promote success and teamwork?

Asking this question opens for the applicant an opportunity to reveal your critical analysis and thinking skills so that the hirer gets to an idea of how well you can manage a team. You as an applicant may clear the roles of each member, maintain positive work environment, listen to team memberís feedback, and focus regularly on other factors that are open dialogue, clear and good for communication.

What is your management style?

No wrong or right answer will suit this question. It all depends on how a good candidate can describe the need to adapt the supervisory style meeting the scenario and you as an employee dealing with that particular situation.

Describe the challenge faced at work and the way to overcame it?

This is a question that is to reflect how to handle conflicts in the workplace. There is a positive outcome demonstration expected by the hirers and it is best you explain the steps to handle the conflict.

How do your co-workers describe you?

Understanding is important. This allows would-be supervisors to reflect the way their co-workers recognize them, and also provide examples of how and why the perception exists. It gives them a chance to mention areas that they can improve their skill set, explain their strengths, and mention the way to relate to their team.

A strong candidate should do a good research and answer the questions. A red flag indicates lack of knowledge or ideas of your expectations and also the supervisors function in your organization.

Additional Interview Questions that may be asked:

  • What is the pay you expect?

  • How do you solve disputes in your team?

  • What do you consider is important to ensure you run the team effectively as a supervisor?


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