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PTE essay example peoples accomplishments depend on the regions

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PTE essay example peoples accomplishments depend on the regions

Many people think that successful people’s accomplishments depend on the regions they come from,
 while other people think that it doesn’t matter where a person comes from, if that person has the will to succeed,
 he/she will triumph. What do you think?.

We are seeing plethora of people these days who have achieved success in various aspects including business, sports , research.
Some people believe that it is dependent on the region they belong to. Others may argue and consider this as hogwash. 
In this essay, we will discuss why accomplishments are dependent on the regions.

First of all, regions play an important role in mind set and thought process kids have in their upbringing. 
They get inspired by the successful people from their region and tries to follow them. 
For example, these days most of the success cricket batsman, like Virat Kohli are coming from India getting inspired by another great batsman Sachin Tendulkar. Furthermore, many Government laws play a paramount role in people successes. This can be clearly seen by many innovations and patents in United States resulted by various schemes given by the country  in research field.

Furthermore, there may be cases where region offers many opportunities to succeed. In these cases, regions offers certain climatic, natural or cultural based opportunities to people for their success. For instance, we can see a number of swimming champions from Australia as it is a land to many beaches and  water related games which offers good conditions for them to succeed.

This essay discussed why different region offers different plethora of opportunities to succeed  and plays an important part in people’s accomplishments .In my opinion,person success does matter on regions they come from.


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