PTE essay example confidence wins bigger games that knowledge alone cannot

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PTE essay example confidence wins bigger games that knowledge alone cannot

Some people believe that confidence wins bigger games that knowledge alone cannot. Also, that accumulating knowledge makes no sense until one has the confidence to put it to use.

Is it true that knowledge will help one win a struggle only if it is put into practice with full confidence, or is it confidence without knowledge that is null and void?

To win bigger games, we need both confidence and knowledge. Alone knowledge will not help to succeed  if someone lacks confidence. This is also true  in case if someone has just confidence and no knowledge. In this essay ,we will discuss why knowledge is required with full confidence to win struggles.

First of all, confidence gives paramount motivation and gets an upper edge over your competitors. One can look aggressive and often it is reflected by their body language if they are confident. For example, sportsmen can beat their opponents morally in games if they are confident. In addition to it, confidence also helps people to put more efforts in their struggles. 

Furthermore, knowledge with out practice does not help. With continuous practice only, people learn how to apply their knowledge in the tasks. With practice only, they will figure out plethora of loop holes and situations to avoid. For example, In case of surgeries, we always prefer surgeons having good experience as compared to newer ones. In addition, practice also adds to the experience of individuals.

In this essay , we have discussed that one needs both confidence and knowledge and without any of these, it is null and void. I strongly believe that knowledge will only help if it is used along with full practice.


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