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Letter of interest for a job

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Letter of interest for a job

How to write a Letter of interest for a job

A letter of interest is a specific type of letter that sent to the companies by the candidates. If the company has not listed the particular job opening but they are hiring for a specific position, this type of letter can be written. One can write the letter of interest for a job if they want to know whether the company has any job openings that suit your qualifications best. You can write this letter to arrange for an informational interview with that particular company.

Letter of interest for a job is actually the best way to enter a world of a job with your desired company. Writing the letter of interest is quite different from writing other job letters and you need to know the right way to write it properly and get noticed by the employment committee of the company.

Letter formatting

First, you need to find out someone to whom you can address the letter like an executive from the division you are looking for. You need to find out a first if you any connection or you know somebody from the company. If you know someone you can directly write the letter to them. You can also find a connection through friends, family or former colleagues. To the hiring manager of the company, you can ask for a reference.

Matter of the letter

Your letter of interest for a job should come with the information on your skill, level of experience and all and how it will be an asset for that company. It is more a sales letter where you need to present yourself. Explain properly how you can add value to the company.


Donít forget to conclude the letter of interest with a proper conclusion. Conclude it with the matter that you want to meet an employer of the company to discuss the new career opportunities.

You need to add your contact details in the conclusion part also. Write down your email id, contact number, address etc so that the company can contact you for further follow-ups.

Keep it organized

As you know the employer or got a reference that doesnít mean you are allowed to write complete career experience and other details here. They will come up with your information quickly so, donít take much time of the employers. Make it short, simple and sweet. Organize the matters properly so that the letter gets noticed by the employers.

If you are writing the Letter of interest for a job for the first time and have less or no experience on that matter, you can search online for the sample letter of interest or can read some templates. It will give you an idea that how to craft your letter.

As you have finished the letter writing, proofread several times. Whether you are sending it through email or the hard copy, make it error free and flawless. Proofreading may help you to avoid printing, spelling or grammar mistakes.


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