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Accountant job description

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Accountant job description

Accountant job description

Accountants are employed by individuals and organizations clients to audit accounts, provide financial advice and undertake accounts administration. Accountants provide advice to multinational organizations, government bodies and sometimes individuals with small businesses.

Accountants normally specialize in the following areas;

  • Auditing of accounts

  • Management consultancy

  • Forensic accountancy

  • Taxation and assurance finance

Accounting jobs tend to have regular working hours, normally 5-9 hours a day.

Typical employers of accountants

  • Private firms of accountant and professional service firms

  • Professional service firms

  • Industrial organizations and government bodies.

  • Charities and nonprofit organizations

  • Commercial and corporate organizations

Duties and responsibilities of an accountant

Typical duties of an accountant include;

Full charge bookkeeping including monthly and annual journal entries and Prepare and maintain government client reporting and estimating by working comparatively with the companyís certified insurance firms.

Compilation and preparation of monthly, quarterly and yearly financial statements of the firm for the purposes of taxation and decision making.

Maintain employee records including hours they work and their time off. It is also an accountantís job to reconcile credit card receipts and statements monthly. 

Process all payrolls semimonthly; file all payroll taxes as required by the applicable laws. In summary, an accountant also has the responsibility of maintaining payroll files and report.

Manage  timeslips  program  including  but  not  limited  to  reviewing  and  downloading time,checking for accuracy and edit as needed. Maintain the program and update as needed. 

Maintain all client accounts of time, billings and payments.  Collection of accounts receivable where necessary.

Keeping  records  and  tracking  of  all  company  assets  purchased  and  in  use, he or she should update records when assets are removed and are no longer in use.

Prepare  weekly,  monthly,  quarterly  reports  and  financial  analysis  reports  including  but not  limited  to  financial  statements,  client  budget  reports, employee  time  challenge  reports,  parttime  employee  hours  report,  employee  financial profit share report, accounts receivable reports, etc. 

Responsible  for  follow  up  phone  calls/emails  and  letters  to  track  billing  records, payment  requests,  bank  statements,  anything  financial  that  needs  follow-up

Provide  advice  and  assistance  in  making  decisions  in  the  areas  of  finances, analysis financial software and accounting as requested by management. 


For those who aspire to be accountants, these are the qualifications,

Have  an  Associate  Degree  or  higher  with  experience  and  knowledge  in bookkeeping and other accounting procedures. Should possess computer skills, he or she should be excellent in quickbooks, Microsoft office and other applicable software. In addition to all this, proper telephone and e-mail skills are important.

Have demonstrated ability to make sound professional decisions, should be able to maintain client and business confidentiality. Above that he should be self-directed, self-motivated be detail oriented, organized and accurate. He or she should be able to work with different personalities.

Demonstrate  the  ability  to  work  with  numbers  and  understand  a  broad  range  of  common financial matters in a timely manner and be willing to pursue collection of accounts receivables.

He or she should be willing to get the job done in a timely manner and above that possess a driverís license and dependable automobile transportation insurance. An employer should check the candidateís criminal record and credit history.


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