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Administrator job description

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Administrator job description

Administrator job description

An administrator is crucial and effective to the day to day operations of any company. Those working in this position are responsible for supporting the organization in a variety of ways including; bookkeeping, communication, scheduling, data entry and secretarial services.

Role of an administrator

The role of an administrator involves a great deal of multi-tasking. You will have to work with teams to oversee the operations of the company, manage groups, coordinate with the management and engage in planning according to the needs of your company.

Here is a list of the common administrator duties;

  • Management of office equipment

  • Maintaining a clean and enjoyable working environment for employees

  • Handling external and internal communication and management systems

  • Managing clerical and other administrative staff, this includes sorting and distributing incoming and outgoing posts

  • Organizing, arranging and coordinating meetings

Most of the work done by administrators involves written and oral communication, word processing and dealing with individuals at a personal level.

Facts about jobs in administration

Administrator jobs take place in an office and working hours can go up to 35 hours or more in a week, however other organizations hire part-time administrators and the pros of being a part-time administrator are that you can be able to balance your life with work adequately.

Working as an administrator in a large organization is an advantage since you will have a clearly defined role, in smaller companies you will have to act as a jack of trades since you will be expected to be in charge of human resource, training functions and sometimes even accounting. This would even extend to tasks like hiring, training and assessing employees, procuring supplies and developing financial reports and budgets.

What are the different types of jobs in administration?

These are some of the job titles that fall under the administrator job description;

Receptionist: This is the first face employees and clients see every day so a friendly face is essential. The role of a receptionist includes reporting, data entry and keeping track of visitors as well as answering phone calls.

Administrator assistant: It is deemed to be the less glamorous jobs in the company but they play an important role in ensuring that the company runs smoothly. Their roles include setting up meetings, making travel arrangements and sales support.

Office Manager: They are normally in charge of bookkeeping, logistics, maintenance and facility handling.

Executive/Personal assistant: This is a role in larger organizations, it involves supporting the company’s top executives. They are normally trusted with confidential information.

Office Assistant: This is an entry level position that requires good typing skills and data entry skills although not at an advanced level. They play a supportive role to the receptionist.

Record officer: This is a special position that helps in identifying, maintaining and arranging the records of the company for risk management and legal purposes. It requires high-level organization skills.

Skills that will stand in good stead forthe administrator job

  • Great attention to detail

  • An ability to remain calm under extreme pressure

  • Excellent organization skills

  • Being a team player

  • A thorough and methodical approach to work


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