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Care Assistant Job Description

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Care Assistant Job Description

Care Assistant Job Description

When talking about the care assistant job description, people usually assume it is just about making some tea for an ill person and having conversations with them. Although it involves both of these tasks, there is much more work that a care assistant offers to the client. Care assistant giving, therefore, involves offering additional support to a family that has a disabled or elderly person so as to ease their burden. When doing this job, the shift is usually divided into sections, these sections are; morning calls, lunch calls, tip calls and back to bed calls. This job does not require any sort of specialized experience when starting out as it basically entails caring for people which is a skill that can be easily learned. One should show respect when dealing with clients and also be humble so as to avoid any inconveniences. Below I will give a brief description of each shift and what is involved.

The Morning Call

  • As the name suggests, it entails offering care to the client during the morning hours. As a care assistant giver you are required to make breakfast for the client, maybe some tea or cornflakes and ensure that they eat the food properly. You should, therefore, offer physical help if the client is not able to use his or her hands. As we always wake up in the morning, the care assistant should also make the bed for the client, help them when going to the toilet and also help them when taking a bath. The care assistantís job description also involves offering personal care, for example, changing a pad that could be wet or soiled and emptying out a catheter bag or assisting in changing a stroller bag. Here strong willpower and a hunger to help will be the fueling force for accomplishing these tasks as it can get very nasty.

The Lunch Call

  • Involves lunch hours. In this, the care assistant job description dictates that the care assistant should warm up food prepared by family members for lunch or make their own, this depends on what is available. It could be making a soup to simply making a sandwich. When carrying out feeding, the care assistant should not force the food to the client but offer them the food politely with the quantity the client wants. The caregiving can also involve supervising or giving medication to the client. The caregiver should ensure that they give the adequate dosage of the medication and also at the right time.

Tip Call

  • This usually involves making a light snack, for example, poached or boiled eggs for the client. This also depends on what is available during that particular time.

Back to Bed Call

  • As the name suggests, it involves helping the client sleep. It can involve helping the client with the toilet needs, helping them to eat and also getting them dressed for bed. Once all these tasks are done and the client is ready to sleep, the care assistant usually physically puts the client to bed, makes sure they are comfortable and tucks them in so that they may get some well-needed sleep.


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