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Civil Engineer Job Description

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Civil Engineer Job Description

Civil Engineer’s Job Description

A civil engineer’s job description involves coming up with designs and practical ways for building bridges, roads or similar structures. Their job is thus very important for any developing or urban country as the sort of designs dictate how developed the country is. To be a civil engineer, one is required to have at least a degree in civil engineering or construction. It is very important that one has the adequate knowledge when building such infrastructures as they will be used by a lot of people thus failure of such constructions could result in deaths or even heavy losses to the country or organization the civil engineer was working for. Below I give a brief description of some of the tasks a civil engineer will be handed to once they get to the construction site at hand. The type of job, however, depends on the complexity of the construction site and thus they may vary from time to time. The ones I have highlighted below are just the normal ones you would find.


  • In a civil engineer's job description, this involves converting the design into reality. The planning department assigns you as a civil engineer with detailed drawings for the work you need to convey out. After studying the drawings properly, you will need to discuss with the planning department and project manager for the required assets so as to complete the task.

Quality engineering

  • As the name suggests, in the civil engineer's job description, this involves controlling the guaranteed quality to the client. The various quality parameters are chosen during the contract and reported in the project quality plan. At the time of execution, different proforma should be filled by the site engineer, for example, pour cards and checking the reinforcement.

Site Engineer

  • In a civil engineers job description, this involves offering advice in planning, co=ordination, and supervision of the technical aspects of the construction project. A sites engineers role is vital to a construction project as they have a number of responsibilities including solving technical issues, providing advice in managing and preparing reports of the site.

Safety Officer

  • You will need an extra degree in fire and safety if you would want to accomplish this task. As the name suggests, you will be responsible for the safety of the workers thus you give safety instructions, safety training and even prep talks to the hard laborers. You have the power to stop the work at any stage if the safety measures are not followed to the book, for example, welding without a fire extinguisher close by. This role is very important as you are dealing with human life which is very precious.

Planning Engineer

  • This deals with the assets of the site. A civil engineer in this role, therefore, acts as a medium between the site workers and the higher administration of the company. All assets and materials are therefore approved by this planning engineer and are used when making an appropriate work schedule as different machinery or assets can be handed to different laborers with different skills during different stages in the construction period.


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