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Cleaner Job Description

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Cleaner Job Description

Cleaner Job Description

This is a job not meant for all as it requires a hard worker and also a person who has a strong will. This is because it usually involves physically cleaning areas that have been assigned to you by your employee thus the hard work trait. It requires a strong will as some people may not respect your work and thus belittle you, this depends on where you are working and how the place you are cleaning is used. Below I will give a brief description of a cleaner's job description and where they are usually employed and also what tasks they are required to accomplish. So where can you get a job as a cleaner?

  • Schools and institutions of higher learnings

Schools usually have a plethora of different people all studying under the same roof and as the rooms get dirty, it is your work as a cleaner, to ensure the cleanliness of the classes or the offices. Working in a school environment can be "back-breaking" mostly when it comes to dealing with small children. This is because children tend to be messier as compared to adults thus your workload is increased two-fold. When working as a cleaner in a school, you can be assigned to clean; toilets, classrooms, the kitchen and also the staffroom where the teachers meet. It can be a really fun job if you get to know the learners well and having them respect your job. The tasks you are assigned to depend on your employer.

  • Offices and businesses

In a cleaners job description, you can also find yourself cleaning big offices for big companies and businesses. You usually work as a team of cleaners where you work in the offices of the company/business and ensure that they are clean. This can involve cleaning floors, cleaning the toilets or even cleaning the windows of the offices. As you are dealing with adults most of the time, the workload will be reduced as most adults handle their filth in a mature manner for example properly disposing of paper waste in the dustbin as opposed to working with children who most of the times are not mature.

  • Hospitals

For a cleaner wishing to work in a hospital environment, they should first prepare themselves because it may involve dealing with blood and even human waste. The person should, therefore, prepare themselves mentally as they are bound to see patients who come in with gorry accidents. In the job description of a cleaner working in a hospital, they are likely to clean, beds, hospital floors, curtains, hospital kitchens, and even bed covers for patientsí beds. When employed, these cleaners are taught about how they should clean the hospital as it requires an extra level of cleanliness so as to avoid the spread of diseases.

  • Home Cleaner

You can work for a company that does general cleaning when called upon or you can work in the homes of other people who may wish to have a personal cleaner. The workload you get mainly depends on the size of the house and the personality of the employer. This job will have you; cleaning dishes, washing clothes, mopping floors and generally making a house clean.


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