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Enterprise Architect Job Description

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Enterprise Architect Job Description

Enterprise Architect Job Description

What is Enterprise?

  • Before understanding an enterprise architect job description, we must first understand what an enterprise is. An enterprise is, therefore, any type of human endeavor where a group of people collaborates so as to achieve a specific goal. The people might be organized as a company, a division of a business or even a team that is dealing with a certain project.

  • The purpose might be to run a commercial business, for charity, a government project or even for a creative venture.

  • This purpose that the enterprise tries to accomplish is usually supported by a sort of supporting platform. This supporting platform may include; buildings, equipment and information technologies that help in coming up with an overall plan for meeting the goal of the enterprise.

  • An enterprise is thus made up of many interrelated elements for example management pieces like the organizational structure, capability, skill and strategy and plans. There are also some operational pieces that include activities and processes and also product transaction services. Supporting pieces are also a part of these which include software applications, databases, hardware platforms, and network and communication technologies.

  • All these pieces are structured and organized in a way that allows the enterprise to exist and fulfill its aims. The structure and arrangement of all these pieces in an enterprise are what is referred to as the enterprise's architecture. So what is in an enterprise architect's job description?

How to Architect

  • There is a process that is involved, this process is the discipline of an architect enterprise and it produces outputs that describe the architecture of a certain enterprise. The process of architecture involves taking stock of the relevant components or building blocks that make up an enterprise.

  • This is much more than information technology as it might also include building communication networks, availing the computers and laptops to employees, organizing for products and events and also taking part on the organizational structure of the enterprise. The enterprise architect then needs to examine how the components of the enterprise enable or constrain its development by looking at how the components are organized and configured in the form of how they are used, how they behave and how they perform together under a common structure.

  • In an enterprise architect’s job description, he or she is supposed to look at the architecture in different ways. One is the current state of the enterprise's architecture and the other is the future state of the architecture. The architect then works out alternatives an options for moving from the current state to the future target state. He/she is required to create frameworks to manage the architecture with detailed descriptions of the architectural components and roadmaps to show the best ways to change and improve the overall architecture.

  • As an enterprise architect, one is also required to assess the constraints and opportunity costs, benefits, risks, and value in each option to help in the decision making of the enterprise at hand. This job thus requires experience and skill of enterprise architecture so as to apply a professional point of view for the betterment of the enterprise.


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