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Cover letter for a job application

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Cover letter for a job application

Cover letter for a job application

When writing a cover letter for a job application, you should be aware of the writing tips and rules. A cover letter is important to convince the hiring manager that you are suitable for the required job position. There are various ways and rules for writing cover letter that differs based on job title and position. You should make sure which format are you going to follow and stick to that. Donít make it a messy one by mixing all the contents to make it nice, just write it as the format. Make things clear for the hiring manager by using simple fonts and words. Sometimes, using lengthy words and sentences can complicate things even if you are suitable. The cover letter mainly shows your ability and how you are going to work. So, keep it simple and clear to the hiring manager.

Rules and tips to follow while writing a cover letter

The format and way of writing depends upon the job title or position you are writing for. There are few rules and tips that should be kept in mind while writing any kind of cover letter. They are:

ō  The cover letter should be in simple font and in simple language donít use difficult and complicate words. Always express yourself in positive and respected manner. Donít use any kind of negative words.

ō  The letter should only include required information and not the summary of your resume. It should express more about your personality and your professional life. The first impression is very effective and donít ruin it by focusing on unimportant things.

ō  When writing a cover letter for a job application, make sure that letter is in a format and donít mix everything to make it extraordinary.

ō  Donít make it too lengthy by explaining unnecessary things. It should only take one single page and will be attached with resume. Simple and polite words can make it more effective and interesting for the reader.

ō  If you donít know the gender of the person you are referring to, then donít write any generic words. Try to know the name of the hiring manager and write full name in salutation. Write general salutation only when you are unable to find out the name even after trying a lot.

Sample cover letter for job application

Your name


Phone number

Email id


Employerís name

Company name



First paragraph- it includes why you are writing this letter, your current job title and company and desired job position, your qualification in short [for example- I have pursued my B.Tech in electrical and electronics from xyz university]

Second paragraph- the second paragraph is about your working experience, skills, abilities, and awards and achievements. Explain how your abilities are going to be helpful for the company and mention data of the achievements you have accomplished till then.

Last paragraph- this part is about thanking the reader for considering your letter and that you are looking forward for the interview call.





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