Looking for Visa Sponsorship | List of job seekers who are looking for Visa Sponsorship in USA , Canada. Looking for Visa Sponsorship
List of job seekers who are looking for Visa Sponsorship in USA , Canada.

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Femi Oloruntoba(JobSeeker )
Information security, Project ..

Phumulane Simon(JobSeeker )
HTLM,CSS,Java,Visual Basic.Net..

Manikandan Sukumar(JobSeeker )
ERP operation such as solomon,..

rajat(JobSeeker )
Java,j2ee,XML, Cassandra,

Surender(JobSeeker )

Christopher(JobSeeker )
Experienced Engineer, with rel..

Ashish(JobSeeker )
IT Department

Six years experience in the ..

tania(Simple User )

Rahul Raina(JobSeeker )
.net, c#, asp.net, sql, classi..

ronyDialo(Simple User )

Smart guy(Simple User )

sharma(Simple User )

kanishk sen(Simple User )

Kanhaiya(JobSeeker )
MS Office

fivjob(Recruiter )

donna de(Simple User )

kapil sen(Simple User )

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me.writer : Hows the uSA job market for H1b visas

No company is ready to sponsor h1b from India.

And looks like rules are getting tougher
donnade : PLease suggest good companies sponsoring H1b visas.

Genuine ones..
Smartguy :

How to Get a TN Visa to Work in the United States: 8 Steps - wikiHow

www.wikihow.com ? ... ? Travel Tips ? Official Travel Documentation
Ensure that you have the necessary qualifications that meet the requirements of the visa, see the list of "NAFTA Professional Job Series List" which includes the
Smartguy :

How To Find a H1-B Visa Sponsor for IT Jobs | National Visas US

Looking to find H1-B US visa Sponsors for IT Jobs? ... during job search is finding the list of companies that can sponsor H1-B United States ..
Smartguy :

How to Get a US Visa - H1 Base

... and guides. H1B and H2B Jobs and Sponsorship solutions available. ... USA Job Search. Let Us Do ... If you want to work in the USA there are many different options of visas / permits available. ... For a list of H1B visa professions click here
tania : Need some guidance in getting visa/PR of Canada.
Please message me

ronyDialo : All the best.. please share your research for canadian visa

tania : thanks Rony

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