Sri Lanka B+block Vac -freelance project

Sri Lanka B+block Vac

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Estimated Budget : $0- $10

This is136 grandson of the cabinet. Lancer Corp the drill press. Baby's fly through. Oh.. that's not her it just looks like her. Anyways I hit my head on the electrical bars down the street from my house by a country club called midnight rodeo. The utility use to be UI underground in a well looking hole with bars covering it. I started bleeding and went to a small medical place up the steet. I was tough little boy about 6 years of age. I got 3 staples and 4stitches they said it was not going to stop bleeding. When I got home my grandfather had this bowel and it looked like he was making chilli and rub that rubber in the back of my head. So that's Sri Lanka sanka.


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