Job Scams

Job scams include fake jobs emailed to possible candidates/victims and posted on job boards, fake employer websites, and fake recruiter websites. Identity theft and job fraud are nothing new. However with the increasing popularity of the internet they have been on the rise. Becoming educated and aware will help lessen the chances of you falling victim to these scams. When you are wary about a certain job listing, research will be your new best friend.

Although actively screens for fraudulent job postings and takes proactive action by removing the postings and reporting the fraud to the proper agencies, we are a free information exchange job board.
It is YOUR responsibility to perform all due diligence with any potential employer.
Before you give out any personal information to a recruiter check them out to make sure they are legitimate. Check LinkedIn profile and the company page for their employer. Employer review sites can be another great place to turn when you do like a little more information about a particular company.

The following topics below will assist you in being informed, aware, and performing due diligence with any potential employer:

If you suspect that a job on is a scam please contact us immediately at [email protected] .