Job Delivery Driver Maine Has a car and a Maine I.D

Delivery Driver

Skills:Has a car and a Maine I.D   Appropriate credentials   Character suitable to our company's values  |  Location:Maine  ,  United States Of America


Our company has invented a mobile app called InstaCraft (the uber of craft cannabis) that enables caregivers to legally sell large amounts of cannabis directly to medical marijuana patients in a 100% legal and compliant way through a lawyer-approved system of electronic patient designations and staff who handle all distribution for the caregivers. Patients can navigate a user friendly menu that's always up-to-date and see their driver on the way just like Uber. Right now hiring patient consultants & delivery drivers, marketing associates, and nurse practitioners. Our app will launch in 4 weeks.

Our proposition to consumers is:

"Don’t buy weed. Get Craft Cannabis.

Delivered Farm to Table in 30-60 min."

We plan to provide heavily discounted or free medicine to children with seizures from low income families. A percentage of all our profits will go to charity. We want to set the industry standard for product quality, customer service, and social responsibility. Help us make that vision a reality…

All our delivery drivers will be trained about which products can help which people, so they can increase customers’ awareness of which products can help their conditions.

We have both full-time and part-time positions. Send us your resume and our full-time recruiter and head of HR will carefully read it and get in touch with you.


• Up to $20/hr based on $12-15/hr plus tips.

• You have an opportunity to be promoted to Courier District Manager. If promoted, you’d receive a bump in hourly pay, you’d be the senior courier in the district, and you’d manage drivers. Everyone will have an opportunity to be promoted. The decision to promote will be based on the extent to which you’ve shown the character and ideas needed to run a well-oiled system of deliveries. Strong consideration will go to whoever writes up the best ideas for improving the delivery system and driver management protocols in their district, and for accommodating our rapid growth in users. A requirement of the promotion is consistently finishing the audio books assigned to you by InstaCraft. To achieve highly, a manager must read books about becoming a great boss, people management, and systems thinking.

• If hired you can refer friends to the company as we seek to fill positions. We are always on the lookout for passionate, intelligent, and driven people to help us build a better company and serve more customers.


• Has a car, a Maine I.D, and resides near the area of either Bangor, Waterville, Portland, Brunswick, or Lewiston.

• Pays attention to details.

• Naturally high empathy and kindness.

• Appropriate credentials.

• No history that would suggest risk of theft. Our legal team includes former prosecutors.

• No past felony charges or anything that would disqualify one from having a Maine medical marijuana caregiver card or caregiver employee card.

• Character suitable to our company's values.

Legal Info:

• Our legal team includes the best cannabis attorneys in the state.

• Drivers will carry employee cards or caregiver cards.

• Inventory lockers will be electronically managed and be under video camera.

To include in your application:

• If you've read books or articles on productivity, being effective at things, or self-development, please list your favorites. Example of such books are Brian Tracy's The Power Of Self-Discipline, Eat That Frog, or Accelerated Learning Techniques. If you haven't read any such books or articles, that’s fine.

• Near the beginning of your response, include the word "I am real". That is our code phrase to filter out people who didn't read the whole job post and can't follow instructions.

• When is the soonest that you can start?

• Can you start on Nov 27?

• Do you already have a medical marijuana caregiver card or caregiver employee card?

• What skills or experiences do you have that are relevant to this job?

We're backed by angel investors and a venture capital fund. We're dedicated to ensuring our company is filled with A Players. At InstaCraft, you'll be surrounded by the best – by people who will lift you to new levels of achievement. Monthly personal development sessions, growing your skill sets, and a whole lot of encouragement and creative thinking are all components of working at InstaCraft. The atmosphere here is intensely productive and growth-oriented. We are purpose-driven, socially conscious, and passionate about improving the communities we serve. Join us and rock the world. With InstaCraft you can make a difference.

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $15.00 /hour

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