Job Data Center Network Engineer Virginia Data Center

Data Center Network Engineer

Skills:Data Center       |  Location:Virginia  ,  United States Of America


Job Title :Data Center Network Engineer

No of Openings :5

Position Type : 11 Months Contract

City :Roanoke

State :VA


1. Design Experience is a MUST - at least 2 years of experience with DATA

2. Cisco Nexus - including 2k, 5k, 7k, 9k, and FI

3. Cisco ACI - Experience with at least 1 ACI Implementation

4. Cisco ISE and Network IPS

5. CCNA or CCNP or higher - please include certification number


Job Description :


Network Engineer III is an intermediate level IT position directly supporting
the network in all day to day activities.  This role is an individual
contributor who will work closely both within a team environment and
individually to achieve specific goals.  The successful candidate will be able
to work well within a team, collaborate directly with other IT and business
departments, and handle several different projects at the same time.


Senior knowledge of network technologies, design standards, and positive
and negative attributes of those.  Including- TCP/IPv4/IPv6 protocol suite,
DNS, DHCP, Routing Protocols, Routing Domain architectures, LAN/WAN
technologies, Data Center Fabric, Telecommunications Services, Information
Security standards, Quality-of-Service, and Wireless Network technologies.

A broad understanding of IT security standards and best practices for
network infrastructure/service design.  Including- PCI, SOX, HIPAA,
Defense-In-Depth concepts, Network Segmentation, Data Center Service Isolation
architectures, AAA services, Group Identity Structures, Layered Security
architecture, and a Cooperative Policy framework.

A strong understanding of enterprise application and service environments. 
Including- Web-App-DB application architectures, Enterprise Services and
Middleware operations, and Shared Infrastructure services.

Ability to understand Layered Security architecture, Security Zone
architecture, Enterprise Application Platform architectures, Interdependent
Policy configurations, Stateful Traffic Flow, and detailed TCP/UDP
Communication Behavior.

Proficient in the configuration, implementation and troubleshooting of
Network Access Control Lists, Network IPS Filtering Policies, Internet Access
Web-Filtering Policies, Network Access Endpoint Posture and Profile Policies,
VPN Client and Point-to-Point technologies, Web-Application Firewall Policies,
and Network Authentication Services (AAA).

Able to thoroughly analyze Infrastructure issues (Routing, Switching, WAN
Optimization, Load Balancing Network Firewall, Network IPS, Internet Proxy,
Network Access Control technologies, VPN, Web-Application Firewall and AAA
Services) quickly and efficiently.

A solid understanding of Cisco Routing and Switching including VLANs,
Ethernet, WANs, LANs, Spanning Tree, vPC, Port Channels, and industry best

Ability to understand the 7 layers of the OSI network model.



This job has no supervisory responsibilities.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each
essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative
of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may
be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential

Solid communication skills.  Consistent communication and keeping requester
informed of ticket status.  Ability to translate end-user concerns to technical
needs for communication within team or with other IT teams.

Good collaboration skills, within team and with others.  The engineer must
have the ability to work with others in a collaborative way, sharing his/her
ideas/opinions, and be able to comfortably voice opinion, express justification
for and accept alternate opinions.

Prioritizing operational issues and implementation tasks based on alignment
with defined urgency and prioritization guidelines.

Must be able to manage requirements gathering, technical definition and
task tracking to be successful.

Understanding of TCP/IP.  Specifically, how do systems communicate over an
IP network, the differences between TCP and UDP communication, what
applications / OS / NICs are responsible for in the communication stack.

Firm grasp of client application uses (MS Office, Putty, etc). 
Understanding of valid use-cases with these tools.

Awareness of web applications and use-cases for them.  Understanding of web
browser configuration and caching implications on connectivity to web

Firm understanding of operation of network firewalls and IPS systems, where
they are located, and impact they could have on communication between areas of
the network.  Able to use event management tools to research and identify
general impacts on connectivity due to network firewall or IPS systems.

Understanding of enterprise data center services, and interoperation
between applications and databases.

SME-level knowledge with at least 2 technical solutions.  Primary resource
involved for escalated troubleshooting and design changes involving them.

Must be able to understand detailed technical systems, how they
interoperate, what functionality they provide, and ultimately- what really
matters with each of them.  For many cases, that means knowing how things
interact and where potential problems may be in troubleshooting issues. 
However, design decisions are all too often more important than supporting the
solution later, and these rely on answering many of the same questions.

Must understand key business functions, technical solutions supporting
them, and identify potential risks involved with changes or activities that
he/she is responsible for.  He/She must be able to weigh the potential impact
and identify the appropriate options for resolution with all included

Able to effectively guide other junior engineers, working alongside of them
when necessary to show them the key factors to manage throughout their
project/task.  The engineer should highlight the key caveats and goals for the
related work.  The engineer must have extensive experience with design and
implementation of all relevant technical solutions that he/she will be
responsible for.

Able to review, analyze and translate business requirements into the
appropriate technical solution, providing design that adheres to enterprise
network architecture standards.

Ability to develop task-lists for major projects, including developing
phases, recognizing LoE, business risk and predecessors / dependencies.



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