Job Inspection Assistant Massachusetts Chinese

Inspection Assistant

Skills:Chinese       |  Location:Massachusetts  ,  United States Of America


Help with inspection (taking pictures), supplying and tracking cleaning supplies in Boston MA

Price: $50/visit (~3 hours)

This position is for Inspection Assistant. I am renting out 2 houses and need help with someone tracking supplies and opening the door for technician to come in and do repairs. Individual need to work with the landlady and must be able to travel to South Boston near Red Line Broadway Station (houses are located 5 min walk from station). Task includes inspection (take pictures/video), repair validation (take pictures/video) , track, and distribute cleaning supplies (paper towel, toilet paper, dish detergent) into proper areas in the house. Job that requires 1-2 visits per month in South Boston to ensure supplies are stocked. You will keep track of supplies via a google sheet. 1 visit might include opening door for a maid who does house cleaning.

Take pictures/videos of general areas to ensure cleanliness of the house (bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc). Take notes of damages, dirty areas, or has strange activities (i.e. stairs or floor have spills, mouse dropping).

Take Picture / Video of repairs done to ensure it was done properly by technician

There’s a closet in the house that has all the supplies. Each month take certain supply out and distribute them into the common areas (kitchen, bathroom, etc).

Tracking via Google Sheet
You need to edit a google sheet which keeps track of all the supplies (so we know when to add more to the supply storage closet)

Maid Visit:
1 visit per month might include opening the door for the maid to come in and clean the house. You will need to stay longer for this visit. House cleaning should take an hour, you can sit in the living room and do your own work.

Need to use Whatsapp (download free on appsstore, easy to learn).

-Understand Chinese (ideally cantonese but mandarin is okay)
-Can travel to South Boston (each visit is about 3 hours)
-flexible scheduling for visits but have to be between weekdays 9-5pm (when most tenants are not home, ideally 1-4pm)

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