Job Fireplace Installer/ Gas Pipe Fitter Oregon communication skills

Fireplace Installer/ Gas Pipe Fitter

Skills:communication skills   knowledge of handtools   valid Oregon Drivers license  |  Location:Oregon  ,  United States Of America

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Are you looking not just for a job, but a trade that you can grow with? Ambassador Fireplaces is looking for an individual who is a hard worker and wants to learn to be Fireplace installer/ Gas Pipe Fitter. This is a fast growing business that is family owned. We are looking for individuals to join our team that are interested in learning skills in the trade industry. The right person will need to provide excellent customer service, be able to follow written directions, communicate both verbally and in writing. We offer a competitive wage on a scale depending on knowledge and experience.
Things we provide to the right candidate: Full time Employment, competitive wage ( $11.00 -$17.00) depending on experience, laundered uniforms, the tools to do the job, disability insurance and medical insurance. We offer a chance to grow in the trade, and chance to increase knowledge that can lead to increase in pay.
Minimum requirements are as follows:
- Must be at least 18 yrs of age.
- Will need to have a valid Driverís license with no major violations in the past 2 years ( ie. dui or driving uninsured)
- Needs to possess some knowledge of hand tools, and the willingness to work hard.
- Good communication skills
- Knowledge of fraction math is helpful for the job.

Other applicable skills that help determine pay are:
-experience with fireplace install or service
-experience with gas pipe install (CSST and threaded)
- general construction framing
- roofing experience
- tile install and finish work

Applicable certifications that would apply: (not required but applicable knowledge means higher pay)
- NFI certified
- L.P. fitter certified (with Oregon state fire marshall)
- Rinnia Certified
- CSST certification
-Various Fireplace brand factory training certifications.

If you are interesting in growing with a great company please send your resume to Ambassador Fireplaces at cory.fireplace*****

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