Job System Validation Engineer at Boise ID nand, flash memory

System Validation Engineer at Boise ID

Skills:nand, flash memory       |  Location: United States Of America


Duration : 12+ Months
Location : Boise, ID
As a NVE Managed NAND SCG Validation Engineer, you will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies for the validation and characterization of managed NAND products. These strategies will require the development, and documentation, of software and hardware test solutions used to validate and characterize products against requirements and specifications. This also applies to maintaining validation and characterization procedures for all product types. Responsibilities will also include providing investigative support for validation, characterization, qualification and customer issues.
Requirements analysis
· Maintain knowledge of product functionality
· Study of product requirements in order to verify testability
· Identification of suitable testing equipment
· Support the Design team for the definition and implementation of new requirements / performances.

Validation test strategy
· Definition of test cases to verify functional and not functional requirements are compliance to system requirements
· Working with design team for test cases developing coherently with FW and HW architecture
· Identification of PASS/FAIL criteria for test cases in term of number of cycles, statistical and temperature

Test Implementation
· Define the Test Implementation Strategy and Software Architecture
· Implementation of test cases- Software developing and debugging
· Define a test automation strategy and plan
· Implementation of automatic test to control the execution of tests and comparison of actual with expected results

Test Execution
· Supplying and Pre-formatting of samples for validation
· Execution of Product Validation flow to match programmed validation plan
· Monitoring of test time – Test time reduction
· Report Generation - Report data in a clear format including concise comments about findings
· Track document revision to provide historical reference

Defect Management
· Failure analysis of bugs coming from Product Validation - Comprehend the issue (examples: failure mode, usage conditions)
· Implementation of systematic and short test to address failure analysis to designers
· Bug notification – Provide all information and sequence to track and replicate the bug in traceability tools
· Support marketing application engineering with failure analysis
· Failure analysis of bugs coming from external source (customer, quality, etc) in order to indentify escape root cause
· Implementation of sequence to replicate external bugs and integration in validation flow
· Collaborate with Development teams to assess test results and generate deviation
Deffect Analysis
• Failure analysis of issues through the use of protocol analyzers, oscilloscopes, and logic analyzers
• Genterate test cases and hardware setups to facilitate failure captures
• Investigate system protocol and signaling issues to establish a root cause
• Generate failure analysis reports showing root cause analysis to include protocol and signal captures related to failing conditions

Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering or equivelant
Desired 1 year experience in any of the following:
· Engineering
· Programming

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