SotodayIhadanemailitswent: WaterComingDownMyCoaxialCable–WhatToDo! YoumayhavenoticedabrownstainonthecarpetbyyouraerialcableoragreensortcorrodedTVaerialplug,oryoumighthaveaTVaerialplugthatisstucktoyourTVthatyoucan’tpulloutwithoutdamagingtheTV.InallofthesecasesyoumostlikelyhaveawaterloggedTVaerialorsatellitecable.Obviously,thisisabigproblemwherethewaterloggedcableentersyourTVorsettopboxasitcoulddamagetheTV.Fortunately,Ihavewrittenthisblogtohelpyoufigureoutwhattodonext,withtemporarymeasurestoprotectyourTVandhowtostopithappeningagaininthefuture.WhyIsWaterComingDownMyAerialCable?TVAerialsLeeds  | Status Career
Gary Pearce :   

So today I had an email its went: Water Coming Down My Coaxial Cable – What To Do!

You may have noticed a brown stain on the carpet by your aerial cable or a green sort corroded TV aerial plug, or you might have a TV aerial plug that is stuck to your TV that you can’t pull out without damaging the TV. In all of these cases you most likely have a waterlogged TV aerial or satellite cable.

Obviously, this is a big problem where the waterlogged cable enters your TV or set top box as it could damage the TV. Fortunately, I have written this blog to help you figure out what to do next, with temporary measures to protect your TV and how to stop it happening again in the future.

Why Is Water Coming Down My Aerial Cable?

TV Aerials Leeds



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